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The journey has been long, but there was a lot to learn along the way.

The trains always arrive at your station; the question is which one to take?

I'm a single, 30-something-year-old Social Mediaholic, trying to live my best life and vibe high in Geneva, Switzerland.  Every day I'm hustling...and learning...and thinking...and growing.  And I'm getting a little better at all of it everyday. 


Moving abroad put me on a fast-track in my personal development and this is a collection of my thoughts, trials and triumphs; my experiences and a peek into my world.

If you're thinking about moving abroad or are already abroad and looking to share experiences, transfer over at the BLOG for things to do, see, try and reflect upon. 


Need some help with your brand's social media presence or want to collaborate?  Transfer at the PORTFOLIO page for a peek at some of my work then head over to the CONTACT page.


Welcome aboard The A Train! 

#ISSA Blog

Every day I'm hustling...and learning...and thinking...and growing.  These are the thoughts, trials and triumphs of a Social Mediaholic in Geneva, Switzerland.

Cultural Agenda 2.0

Are you in Geneva?  My girl Fernanda at Ferni Communication always knows the tea and is giving you the inside track: where to go + what to do every weekend on the Cultural Agenda 2.0 (in English et en français)!

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